Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We're off to Idaho for a few days of hot sunshine, R&R, and wedding celebrations. The first 2 weeks back at work after a month off has been brutal. Things should get back to normal with more posts next week.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Westward Ho

We've made it to Wyoming rather quickly, as we really want to get home. We should hopefully be home in a couple more days. In the meantime, we'll watch the final primary results and eat cowboy steak in Sheridan. We were a day late to Mitchell-Obama spoke there Sunday night. And we missed Hillary in SD too. Just one step behind them!

Here's some pics from the trip so far

Chicago skyline from Sunday morning on an empty Dan Ryan Expwy. We've never gotten through the city so quickly. I guess everyone was sleeping early Sunday morning.

Dan stocking up on supplies at our old neighborhood fave, Holy Land. After a night in Minneapolis with our dear friends Chank and Heidi, we hit the road well stocked from Holy Land

Scenic Southwestern MN

Obama Headquarters in Mitchell, SD, Monday night before the primary

Corn Palace--my fave