Saturday, November 24, 2007

3 houses in 4 days

Well, we are in our new house, but it's not the one we thought we'd be in. We moved Sunday and Monday into this giant old victorian that was getting remodeled. The remodel didn't go so well, to put it mildly. Tons of things were wrong with the house; broken furnace, old rusty pipes, leaky pipes, leaky toilet, carbon monoxide leaking from furnace. windows installed wrong, fucked up kitchen cabinets, and polyurethane reeking smell from everywhere!

We stayed 2 nights, one without heat because the furnace repair men said the furnace wasn't safe. We spent 2 days dealing with 6 sets of repair men, and by that time we decided that we didn't want to live in someone else's money pit. We called another place that we had seen a month ago that we really wanted, and it was still available. So we moved into a cute bungalow on Wednesday and Thursday. We were able to get out of our lease no problem at the money pit, and are trying to figure out how to get all of our money back from the first house.

We're almost done dealing with the moving hell of 2007, thank goodness. But the new house is great, we love the neighborhood, and the dogs have a great big yard to run around in!

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