Friday, April 4, 2008

the fugliest house ever

I'm house hunting for a new home for me, danly and the mutts. The realtor and I have seen about 50 places already in Tacoma. A few good ones and lots of shit. But this one takes the cake. I swear, it's the most fucked up house I've ever seen, and we've lived in tons of homes, plus looked for 6 months for our first home, so we've seen a lot. The only redeeming thing about this house was the 9,000 sf lot and garden that the house was on. but you'd really have to bulldoze and start over. Not only is this the fugliest ever, it was so damn funny, weird and confusing the realtor and I couldn't stop laughing.


granite and coins embedded in the floor!

stained glass window on an inside wall

wood floor installed incorrectly, so it buckled. this was like walking on a carnival ride!

faux-destroyed kitchen island. why faux? just destroy it all!

crazy, rickety, windy, weird staircase. most frightening to walk on!

mr. realtor looking up in disbelief. the support beams are railroad ties, or something like that with electrical conduits, or doo-hickeys sticking out of them. crazy!!!

i didn't bother taking pics of the moldy ceilings, mismatched floors, and huge facade. there was no remnant of the original house, it had so many additions. weird ass home. good luck mr and mrs homeowners!

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